You’ll Never Guess What Killed $3,000,000 Worth Of Horses

Researchers determined that the horses had in fact been poisoned by fluoride, and the only source of fluoride accessible to the horses on the entire farm was their drinking water. Their symptoms included:

  • crooked legs
  • fluorosis
  • hoof deformities
  • reproductive issues
  • hyperostosis and enostosis
  • reduced bone resorption

“The foregoing clinical and morphological observations, together with the bone fluoride analyses, establish the diagnosis of chronic fluoride intoxication of horses in this study causes by consumption of artificially fluoridated drinking water.” (Lennart P Krook in a 2006 publication)

It had been confirmed. Fluoridated water killed Cathy and Wayne Justus’ 6 horses and possibly their 4 dogs. Not only did they lose their beloved animals, but each horse was worth around $500,000, making it a $3 million loss.

via You’ll Never Guess What Killed $3,000,000 Worth Of Horses | Mass Report.

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