Want to stop cancer? Think hormones and sleep

The medical establishment has spent much time and money to convince us hormones are our enemies, in an effort to have a ready cohort to buy their drugs. But don’t be fooled. If hormones were the enemy, teenagers would be in big trouble. In fact, they are an almost cancer free population, regardless of what they eat.

Sleepless nights linked to early death

While you are sleeping, your body is doing its housework, tiding up cellular debris including cancerous cells. The sleep cycle begins with production of melatonin, and later prolactin kicks in. These two hormones promote the production of macrophages and leukocytes, two types of white cells that clean up viruses, foreign bacteria, and most importantly, cancerous cells.

Each person needs at least 8 hours of sound sleep for this cycle to occur. If sleep is cut short, there is not enough time for adequate production of these hormones, and the body’s housekeepers are not able to do their jobs. With each passing night of inadequate sleep, the immune system becomes more crippled and unable to make the T cells and Natural Killer cells that seek out and destroy cancer cells.

When you stay up late or sleep with the light on, melatonin is lost and the entire immune cycle is thrown off. Light stops melatonin production, so sleeping with the TV on or getting up in the middle of the night to open the refrigerator are actions hazardous to your health. And since melatonin production begins with the coming of darkness, any activity that involves bright light after dark also throws off its production. This is why going to the gym on a fall or winter’s night is not a good idea. Neither is staring at the TV or computer monitor after dark…

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