Traffic Stop while carrying concealed; What to do if you’re pulled over : Responsible Concealed Carry in the US

Tip #1: Hands 10 & 2, Dome light onWe are giving this the first spot because we feel it to be extremely important. The moment you are pulled over, the officer can and will notice any movement inside of your vehicle. It is better to remain still and calm with your hands on the steering wheel in plain site, and your dome light on to illuminate the inside of the vehicle. It is also a good idea to roll your window down the moment you are pulled over, so you do not need to reach out of site when the officer is at your window.

Tip #2: Advise the OfficerOur recommendation has always been the same, regardless of your state laws. Let the officer know that you have a firearm on your person. By doing this, you are being up front with them and this tends to portray you in a positive light. Obviously the reaction will vary from officer to officer, but our research shows that the majority of them are very welcoming of this information. The following phrase is commonly recommended “Officer, I want to let you know that I have a concealed carry permit in this state and am currently have one on my person. How would you like me to proceed?” Notice we said ‘have one on my person’. This is very important, as the last thing you want is another officer coming up on the other side of your vehicle and the first thing he hears is GUN. Additionally, asking the officer how he would like you to proceed offers them comfort and control over the situation.

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