Top 13 Reasons to take CoQ10

In many ways, Coenzyme Q10, or CoQ10, is one of the most powerful nutrients in our bodies. It plays a critical role in the proper functioning of our cells as both an energy producer and as an antioxidant. It is crucial to maintain the health of your brain, heart, immune system, eye health, gum health and more. Because our CoQ10 levels naturally begin to decline as early as age 20, CoQ10 also gets a lot of attention from the anti-aging crowd.

Here are the Top 13 Reasons to Take CoQ10:

1. Hypertension: Various studies have supported the use of CoQ10 for reductions in blood pressure. Patients have seen reductions in systolic from 12 to17 points and reductions in diastolic from 6 to10 points. These numbers are as impressive as many prescription drugs, without the side effects.

2. Atherosclerosis: A study in 2001 showed that CoQ10 could help slow atherosclerosis development. Interestingly, combining it with Vitamin E worked even better.

3. Diabetes: The role of CoQ10 in diabetes is more about protecting the cardiovascular system from the ravages of diabetes than about reversing the disease itself. It has been shown that diabetic patients have lower CoQ10 levels and that supplementing helps with endothelial function as well as lowering blood pressure.

4. Angina: A 2001 study from showed that CoQ10 helped with ejection fraction, stroke volume, exercise tolerance and cardiac output in patients with angina and chronic heart failure.

5. Male infertility and sperm health: A study out of Iran showed that 300mg per day of CoQ10 increased both sperm count and motility.

6. Muscle and exercise performance: The results from CoQ10 studies on exercise performance have mostly focused on aerobic capacity and exercise induced muscle injury. One interesting study on top-level Finnish cross-country skiers using 90mg of CoQ10 showed a significant improvement in VO2 Max and both aerobic and anaerobic performance. In addition, 94% of the treatment group felt they had better recovery. Another study in Japan showed that 300mg of CoQ10 may be protective of muscle injury during extended training sessions like those used by martial artists—in this case, Kendo practitioners who trained 5½ hours per day.

7. Immune function: The National Cancer Institute U.S. lists CoQ10 as a known immune system booster and as far back as 1985, a study demonstrated that CoQ10 is “an immunomodulating agent” and “essential for the optimal function of the immune system…”

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