The Math That Shows Humans Could Live Ten Times Longer

A new model shows that evolution has programmed us to die—and that reprogramming isn’t off the table.

“In traditional theory, evolution will always choose the longest lifespan, and then what we experience is the longest possible, biologically…”

But what if creatures’ lifespans—including humans’—weren’t necessarily determined by their bodies’ adeptness at staying alive, but regulated by evolution, based on the amount of resources available to a given population, and its members’ pressures to reproduce? What if death wasn’t a foregone conclusion, but rather a sort of measure instituted to ensure a single generation wouldn’t suck down all the resources and doom the next? That’s the team’s findings, stated very basically.

“If evolution is determining the lifespan that we have, then we can choose to change that, by intervening in the mechanism that is being used to control our lifespans,” Bar-Yam said. His works cites the host of creatures whose bodies behave starkly against their own self interest as evidence that death is evolutionary regulated, not inherent.

Source: The Math That Shows Humans Could Live Ten Times Longer

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