The Illusion of Money – Digging for Truth

The creation of money is the root cause of every economic imbalance, injustice and societal earthquake that happens. Our money is created by a private banking cartel called ‘The Federal Reserve Bank’. This entity is NOT a government agency, it is an international collective of private banking interests. It is not beholden to the government or the people. The Federal Reserve is not federal and has no reserves, it never has. Money is created by selling bonds at interest to the private banking cartel called ‘The Fed’, The Fed prints paper called ‘Federal Reserve Notes’ in exchange for those bonds. The government,  Wall Street and other banks and various corporations have access to The Fed’s  “discount window”. The interest on the money that The Fed prints out of thin air is not created when the bond is sold, only the principle.

via The Illusion of Money – Digging for Truth.

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