Stuck at the Train Station…

The Matrix trilogy may be the most important, revolutionary and metaphysically dissected movies of our time.
My personal take on this masterpiece is that the Matrix trilogy can be an allegory of the very challenging journey to personal liberation. Just as in most myths, legends and allegorical parables; every character is a component of our beings…Neo, Morpheus, Trinity, The Oracle,  Agent Smith, The Architect and The Merovingian are all components of our inner reality…our psyche.  The contentious dance between our conscious (the matrix) and our sub-conscious core being (Zion), the battle for self autonomy between our egos and our ‘higher minds’. The collective ego being ‘the Matrix’ of our imposed reality, the world pulled over our eyes. Our collective and individual ego structures clamoring for ‘control’, predominance over our consciousness. Our collective and individualized egos are our persona, our seeming individuation in this world; as opposed to our true selves, our innate connectedness, our Oneness. That dynamic is a polarity of being that requires constant maintenance to preserve balance, balance of collective psychic connection while still cultivating an individualized beingness. Collectively the condition of this polarity between communal consciousness and individual being is cyclical. The ego does not see itself as human, it wants to be an entity all to itself but it requires human energy to be. It needs to make humans believe they are ego, to forget that we are human.

Neo at the train station was his purgatory, limbo…stuck between the worlds. The picture above says ‘Mobil Ave’ , Mobile is an anagram for Limbo. Neo had made it to the source, the Architect; and found out the true nature of what he actually was (not the One), but Neo being an anomaly needed to make the only meaningful decision in the whole movie. Neo chose Love (in the form of saving Trinity). After relating the disappointing news to Morpheus, the news that Neo was not “the One’ and that the fable of ‘The One’ was in fact a fable created by the architect to appeal to the anomaly’s (Neo) egoic heroic sense and influence his decision of further aggression and war over Love. That encounter with the architect at the source left Neo between worlds…between The Matrix world and the real world.

Personally I gained much depth of insight from these three characters in the Matrix; the Architect, the Oracle and the Merovigian. Those three characters made only a handful of appearances in the Matrix trilogy, but their presence was the luminescence of the whole story, for myself it was the story of their own management of truth. Those three were broad but concise expressions of the human dilemma of being.

The Architect was the epitome of egoic being; disdainful of connection to others. He sat alone in his ‘monitoring’ room attending to the expression of his sublime ‘equation’. Self satisfied and in power. Nothing need change, the equation has been written and will be adhered to. Never mind that the equation was never fully balanced and hence never solved. The architect simply inserted a variable for the imbalance, an ‘anomaly’ which was Neo.

The Oracle was a program written by the architect to ‘understand’ humans, not a benevolent understanding at first, but  understanding to manipulate humans. After a while The Oracle gained a fondness for humans and she turned her mission inside out, she gave humans understanding of the Matrix. The Oracle understood the past, but her purpose was ‘seeing the future’, her prophecies initially were to simply guide humanity (Neo) to make the same decision over and over with each iteration of the anomaly. But this time she was guiding for a different outcome, for Neo to choose for Love, not loyalty and fight along side Zion. Neo’s love for Trinity was metaphor for his masculine/feminine aspects balancing; Humanity becoming whole.

The Merovingian was a control program designed to conceive of ‘causality’, to reside deep in the sub-conscious of humans and effect ‘causation. Where as The Oracle could see the future  ‘effect’ of someone or something; The Merovingian could see the cause, the motivation of anything, anyone or situation. He was an extremely powerful program at one time. But just like The Oracle; The Merovingian became expendable as the anomaly (Neo) came into play. Both the Merovingian and Oracle became ‘rogue’ programs. To ensure his own safety The Merovingian took ‘zee Keymaker’ hostage. When he was confronted at his ‘Club Hel’  by Morpheus, Neo and Trinity who were sent there by The Oracle to get the Keymaker.  The Merovingian knew immediately why they wanted ‘zee Keymaker’, they were sent by The Oracle, she wanted the Keymaker for her own ‘protection from deletion. The Merovingian was not invested one way or another how the struggle between humans and machines was resolved…The Merovingian was simply concerned with his own survival, with mastering the ‘causality’ in the sub-conscious of humanity. To keep his ‘program’ running in the dark recesses of the psyche of humanity. The Oracle invested her whole existence in the struggle’s outcome, her innate familiarity with, and acquired deep understanding and growing fondness for humans meant humanity was necessary to her own existence. For her program, humanity was her purpose and power in the Matrix. Humanity sought out the Oracle to understand it’s own self. The Merovingian simply reveled in his power and his mastery of ‘causation’. Causation and power was the Merovingian’s major ambition.

For a deeper understanding that will offer deep pondering and reflection I submit that when viewing the Matrix trilogy again pay rapt attention to the dialogues with The Architect, The Oracle and The Merovingian. Consider the roles those arch-types play in your quest for personal liberation of your energy from egoic illusion.

Yours in seeking and Truth

Duane Townsend

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