Science vs Religion – The False Dichotomy – Digging for Truth

The false dichotomy of the conflicting theories that human beings are the result of, and at the mercy of biological and chemical processes, or ‘created’ subjects of a distant, unseen and judgmental “God’; this is the narrow choice that we are starting to see beyond now.

I’m left asking myself; is this an arranged mental construct meant to distract and deflect humanity from knowing it’s genuine origins as individual expressions of an aware universe? That we are aware of an ‘individuality’, known as the ego/mind; but we are also the very same consciousness of the universe itself. That humans are focal points of a conscious universe experiencing itself. Could this spurious, mentally boxed in, science vs religion debate simply be a control device to keep the mass of humanity thinking small, only pondering chemicals and biology as the answer to it’s existence or supplicating itself to a distant, ultimately knowable ‘God’?

via Science vs Religion – The False Dichotomy – Digging for Truth.

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