Saliva as Fuel? It’s Not Just Science Fiction | Vocativ

Imagine your iPhone battery is running low, and you can’t find an outlet to recharge. What if all it took to boost the battery was tapping into your saliva—a naturally produced, cost-free fuel? It’s an awesome concept, and while we’re not quite there yet, scientists are finding ways to use spit as energy.

Chemists at Penn State University and Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah University have discovered that small medical testers—things like glucose and ovulation sensors—could soon be powered by your own saliva. In a recent paper published in NPG Asia Materials journal, professors detail a small, wearable device fueled by bacteria and saliva. “This particular device is notable because it’s flexible,” professor Bruce Logan, one of the paper’s authors, tells Vocativ. “You can either spit into it or have it attached to a fake tooth.”

via Saliva as Fuel? It’s Not Just Science Fiction | Vocativ.

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