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“The basic oneness of the universe is not only the central

characteristic of the mystical experience, but is also one

of the most important revelations of modern physics.”

From- ‘The most important discovery in the history of science’

by Prof.Henry Stapp, Quantum physicist.

Personally, I think the truly exploratory edge of quantum physics is where science conspires with philosophy and spirituality to un-crack the code of existence. Newtonian materialists look at matter in a lifeless, mechanical and objectified manner. Things can be dissected and re-assembled to ‘see how they work’. However, Newtonian materialists cannot dissect and re-assemble a living thing, not to the point where it lives that is (Frankenstein notwithstanding). <wink>

Quantum physics takes conscious awareness into account, including divinity, or at the least does not dismiss the possibility that this all may be tied to together by ‘Spirit’, in the form of an omnipresent, timeless, conscious ‘energy’; and that we are quantum experiencers of the spiritual energy, observing and experiencing itself.

via Quantum Physics, Mysticism, Consciousness and God – Digging for Truth.

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