Petraeus hounded by hecklers at CUNY | New York Post

It was a rough first day of school for David Petraeus.

The retired general was chased down the street by an angry mob after giving his first lecture at CUNY’s Macaulay Honors College on the Upper West Side, according to a video posted online Wednesday.

The hecklers stalked the former CIA chief out of the campus Monday and called him “scumbag” and “war criminal” as he marched down Central Park West, trying to ignore them.

“You are nothing but a disgusting imperialist,” one crazed bearded man shouted at the former commander of armed forces in Iraq.

The dozen fuming activists followed him into traffic at about 64th Street, declaring they will harangue him after “every class.”

“You will leave CUNY,” one protester shouted.

The encounter was captured on a video, which ends with the crowd still following the general, who doesn’t say a word throughout the encounter.

via Petraeus hounded by hecklers at CUNY | New York Post.

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