In hard-hit Spain, bartering becomes means of getting by

This is the future. And, the way it really should be. Every human’s intrinsic worth is equivalent, so is their time. The world really can work well without money.

“Some Spaniards are using so-called time banks to “deposit” time, knowledge and skills and trade them for things they need. All services have the same value, whether it is one hour of teaching a foreign language or one hour of cleaning house.

“Teresa Sanchez, 55, is part of the Time Bank in Valladolid in western Spain. She has deposited offers of Japanese language classes, massage and company for the elderly. In return, she has received English lessons, appliance repairs and haircuts for her son.

“‘I first joined because I like the idea of people helping each other as it used to be long ago, but it is true that it is nice economic help,” said Sanchez. “The world would work better without money.'”

via In hard-hit Spain, bartering becomes means of getting by.

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