How To Use Your Fear


Self Mastery

Our fears are rooted in our subconscious. The prelude to self mastery is grabbing your lantern and walking naked into your sub-conscious. Defenselessly facing yourself.

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek” ~ Joseph Campbell

That is the substance of the hero’s journey. Gazing into the dark abyss with a small lantern that illuminates little more than more dark recesses.

Does your curiosity and wonder accompany your fear?

If so..good. Because wonderment and curiosity are good companions. Fear accompanied with a sense of wonder can be liberating.

The most deeply buried fear in relating to others is fear of being alone, that and its partner fear of rejection wreak havoc on our relationships. Many times the fear of being alone and rejected grows out of irrational self-judgement and self criticism. We deem many aspects of ourselves unacceptable, so we try to deny them to ourselves and hide those facets of ourselves from others. That is a malignancy to the trust and transparency that relating requires us to nurture. That is not to say that we should blast our partners and friends with blunt honesty about ourselves all at once. This is about self-acceptance, warts and all. Once we are honestly self-accepting and unafraid of being alone, then we will be relaxed enough…willing enough to be vulnerable and be able to share our beings with others.

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