How To Stop A Dangerous Cop


Before some of you say I am jumping to conclusions or that I was not even there, let me share a little bit about the police training in Georgia and other states. These police officers are trained to follow what is called the “Escalation of Force Continuum”, a series of steps in the deterrence and/or escalation of the use of force against an alleged perpetrator.

These steps are

(1) Officer Presence,

(2) Verbal Commands,

(3) Control or Restraint,

(4) Chemical Agents like pepper spray,

(5) Temporary Incapacitation such as a Taser or ASP Baton and finally

(6) Deadly Force.

The officer is also to escalate to one level of force above that of the perpetrator or aggressor and officers are allowed to continue the use of force until the threat is neutralized. But when you run at an officer and he/she goes for the firearm (gun) right off, something has gone wrong and the escalation guidelines have not been followed.

Before we talk about how to stop dangerous police officers, we need to identify what a dangerous police is.

What is a dangerous police officer?

A dangerous police officer is an officer who acts outside or in opposition to his training because he is afraid. A dangerous police officer is a mentally or emotionally unstable officer who should never have passed the psychological exam police candidates must take. A dangerous police officer is an officer who entered into law enforcement for the wrong reasons – to knock heads, to hide prejudices behind a badge of authority, to make up for when he/she was bullied as a child or because they could not find any other job after they were trained to be gung ho killers in our military. A dangerous police officer is an officer who simply does not care about the people she abuses, the community he works in or the oath he took to protect and serve.

Neither animal lovers nor the “gay” community nor the Jewish community nor the Hispanic community nor the Muslim community would take this – and we cannot accept it either. This must STOP!

A dangerous police officer is an officer who is poorly trained and sadly, many police departments only provide 10 weeks of training. A dangerous police officer is an officer who thinks he/she can get away with abusing and killing people because the courts or district attorney’s office is unlikely to prosecute the officer. A dangerous police officer is an officer who thinks a badge is a license to operate above the law instead of upholding it. And finally, a dangerous police officer is any officer who stands by silently and allows his or her fellow officer to abuse, hurt, kill or violate the rights of a citizen unnecessarily.

These officers should not carry a badge because their actions are likely to violate their oaths of office and the public trust. If you are one of them, one day you will get caught. If you hired one of them, shame on you for not standing up for what is right. If you are protecting one of them, you have no spine. Now let’s talk about what you can do about these officers, including crooked deputies, marshals and corrections officer as well.

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