How to Avoid GMOs When Eating Out

Eat From the Right Places

Again, this all may seem a little too logical, but heading off to your run-of-the-drive-thru fast food joint is probably not going to work anymore. If you are looking to avoid GMOs, some sacrifices will have to be made, and that will like result in less late-night French fry runs or convenient store snacks.

Chipotle gets most of the press, and deservedly so, but there are other organic, conscientious fast food  joints out there.

Get involved. It only takes finding one organic, vegan, GMO-free restaurant to swing the door to lots of others open. People that at eat at one (or work at one) likely know about others.

Food trucks. Look out for them because truck-driving chefs are doing it their own way, which means you are more likely to find a fellow GMO boycotter.

via How to Avoid GMOs When Eating Out | One Green Planet.

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