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What does Tantra, the philosophy of love, intimacy, and Divine Connection, have to do with Mathematics? Everything. This is why when we discover tantra, our lives start to fit together like a beautiful puzzle, because the building blocks for an amazing edifice are within us. We just have to know how to put them together.Mathematician Turned Tantrika?

Long before I studied tantra, I was once a mathematician. I spent 5 years at the University of Waterloo studying every kind of mathematics, from pure math, statistics, calculus, and algebra, to computer science (with a side of philosophy, languages, and spiritual studies). But that’s another story.

But what does a mathematician really do?

When people first found out that I had a degree in math, their response was always, “Okay, add these five numbers REALLY FAST!!” (Which of course I couldn’t.)

Mathematics is so much more than arithmetic. Mathematics is a philosophical study of the universe. We are constantly looking for patterns in the universe. Why? Because the patterns are out there! And if we can find the patterns, then we will understand the world. And then maybe we’ll understand why we are here, what life is all about, and every other hard question that haunts us in the dark times…

Source: Here’s What Tantra & Mathematics Have In Common | Collective-Evolution

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