Got digestive problems? Eat foods that don’t fight!

Follow the basics of food combining to feel better

These are the basic rules of food combining:

Protein and carbohydrates -The number one contenders for foods that fight are the American dietary standard – meat and potatoes. This is because meat needs an acid medium for pepsin to be effective, and potatoes need an alkaline medium for amylase to be effective for digestion, but each cancels out the other and digestion is severely impeded. Add in the fermentation of the potatoes, and this is a recipe for a digestive nightmare. Instead, Dr. Hay recommended eating protein concentrated foods with a fresh green salad. He also recommends pairing nuts or seeds with acid fruits like berries or citrus.

Protein and fats – Fats require an alkaline media for lipase to be effective. So the digestive breakdown of fats is delayed until acidic based enzymes complete their work on protein concentrated foods. This means fats can remain undigested in the stomach for as long as six hours. Fats such as oils, butter and milk fat create even more problems by coating the gastric mucosa and slowing the release of the enzymes need to digest the protein items. This why eating fried chicken slows you down for hours.

Two concentrated proteins eaten together – Each protein type has a timing of enzyme secretions, and no two types are the same, meaning that only one kind of protein should be eaten at a meal. It is why a ham, egg and cheese biscuit for breakfast can produce so many digestive problems.

*Acid fruits combined with carbohydrates – When acid fruits are eaten, the action of the alkaline enzyme needed to break down starch is neutralized. Thus acid fruits should not be eaten at the same meal as sweet fruits or other starches. This combination is what makes spaghetti and other dishes combining tomatoes with starch such a gastric challenge.

Non-starchy vegetables are neutral and can successfully combine with starch or protein.

Starch combined with sugar – Eating starch disguised as sweets is a bad idea. These treats produce plenty of saliva, but none of the alkaline enzymes needed to digest the starch because the sugar has turned the environment acidic. The starch ferments, and this is why fruit filled cookies or Danish settles on the stomach link a box of rocks.

Melons are a special category – Melon is nature’s most perfect food, because it is the most easily digested — that is, if it is eaten alone and away from all other foods. Digesting melon and receiving its bouquet of nutrients takes only 15 minutes. But if you eat melon for dessert after a meal, you will learn the meaning of misery…

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