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Imagine if you will, a small group of families desires to impose their will on the people of the world. What would be the first order of business? I posit that their first task would be to make the people forget who they are, to obliterate any ideas of their our divine origin and being. To induce people to project their inner sacred, divine identities onto fantasy, distant, all powerful many times angry, vengeful ‘Gods”.Then the presumed rulers over human beings would need to become the arbiters between the people and this vengeful, angry gods. They would construct a cultural/governmental/religious system, with themselves in control of course; to sell the masses divine reprieve and the necessities of life…food, shelter etc. The fundamental, bedrock element of this imposed system would have to be obedience, an obedience that is dependent on the whims of those who constructed and profit from the system in place.

via Examining The Illuminati – They’re People… – Digging for Truth.

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