Ebola Protection Protocol; Panic Not Necessary

There is some reason to think that this whole Ebola scare may be another false flag ploy to scare people into accepting draconian mainstream medical solutions and eventually a new drug or vaccination that will simply fill the bank accounts of the Pharma-Industrial Mafia. In any case, we believe it is happening by design, not simply by natural occurrence. This protocol is intended to give the people who don’t automatically buy the lies of this mafia drug cartel an option that is real and viable based on real science rather than the quackery and tyranny of government and its drug company manipulators.

Protecting yourself against the Ebola virus (and other viruses and bacterial infections) is really more a matter of having a strong immune system than anything else. Individuals most in danger are those with compromised and under-functioning immunities. The primary culprit is a bad diet and malnutrition resulting in a deficiency of essential vitamins and minerals.

The symptoms of Ebola or Hemorrhagic Fever start two days to three weeks after contracting the virus, with a fever, sore throat, muscle pain, and headaches. Typically, vomiting, diarrhea, and rash follow, along with decreased function of the liver and kidneys. Around this time, affected people may begin to bleed both within the body and externally. Interestingly, it actually exhibits “scurvy-like” symptoms in which the virus seems to interfere with or negate the body’s absorption or utilization of Vitamin C.

The following protocol may be helpful in boosting the immune system which in most cases should give greater protection against any such nutrition and viral triggered diseases.

via Ebola Protection Protocol; Panic Not Necessary | Silver Bulletin e-News Magazine.

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