DMT Being Used To Prolong Life After Clinical Death

Hungarian scientists are studying DMT’s ability to protect brain cells from oxidative damage during clinical death.

A team of Hungarian researchers are studying DMT’s unique ability to protect brain cells under high stress situations, such as during clinical death.

Dimethyltryptamine, or DMT, is one of man’s biggest conundrums.

Once smoked, DMT elicits an out-of-body experience so extraordinary that afterwards many are never the same. Unimaginable visions of complex geometrical patterns, contact with extra-dimensional beings, and ego-death are among the most commonly described facets of the DMT experience.

But beyond these fantastical visions there exist many more pressing questions about DMT, or the “spirit molecule,” as it is often referred to.

For one, DMT is ever abundant in nature. It is potentially found in all living things, a theory which recently gained credence after it was discovered in the pineal gland of rats.

This naturally occurring, endogenous abundance of DMT is indeed mind-boggling to many. I mean, think about it – the most powerful psychedelic known to man is produced within the bodies of all living things. What purpose does it serve?

Source: DMT Being Used To Prolong Life After Clinical Death

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