Complete Guide To Essential Oils (How to Use & Buy)Healthy Holistic Living

A renewed spirit and health are just a few drops away

When something goes awry with your health, it usually sends you straight to the drugstore—or worse, to your doctor. But what if we told you the fast track to mental and physical wellness (not to mention great skin) is inside a drop of essential oil? It’s true. And if you are done dealing with the pharmacy for every little ache and pain, you’d be wise to stock your medicine cabinet with these natural alternatives.

Why go au naturale? On a chemical level, essential oils are made to heal. With small molecular size, essential oils penetrate the skin easier and faster, delivering the healing properties where and when you need them most. (And when you’re using essential oils as a remedy for a headache, cold, or even stress, speed is key.) Research shows certain oils have the ability to affect the central nervous system—meaning they have the power to lower blood pressure, calm you down, or give you an afternoon energy boost. And as more and more of you considering a more alternative route to good health, the ease and simplicity of essential oils contribute to the growing trend.

Inhalations through a hot compress, diffuser, or hot water facial steams. This method uses about 10 drops and is best for colds, sinus problems, headaches, and stress relief.

Source: Complete Guide To Essential Oils (How to Use & Buy)Healthy Holistic Living

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