Colloidal silver is miraculous against viruses, bacteria and fungi

Colloidal silver has a long history behind it, and it has been a friend to mankind for hundreds of years.  Silver has been used as coinage since the time of the ancient Greeks, and prized for its ability to retain value.  Silver does not corrode, making it ideal to be utilized in a variety of industrial applications, including imaging and photography, electronics, water purification, chemical processing, and various catalytic uses. But undoubtedly, silver’s greatest gift to mankind is its amazing health benefits that can be found in no other substance.

Silver’s preservative, medical, germicidal, and antibacterial properties have been revered for thousands of years.  In the early days of human civilization, it was discovered that silver helped keep things like water, milk, and vinegar pure for long periods of time. Since there was no refrigeration at the time, silver vessels were often used to preserve various foods and drinks during travel. One of the primary reasons why many ancient civilizations used silver eating utensils was the fact that silver prevented the growth of disease-causing pathogens. The pickle barrels from the old days contained a silver coin to keep the brine pure.

Western medicine discovers silver

It wasn’t until the late 1800s that western science began to rediscover these ancient truths about silver. One of the early documented uses of silver as a bactericide was in 1884 by a German obstetrician, Carl Crede. He effectively administered a 1% silver nitrate solution into the eyes of newborn infants in order to prevent the incidence of gonococcal opthalmia, a disease that causes blindness in newborns.

Prior to the introduction of modern antibiotics, silver was used widely in hospitals and by doctors to combat infection and to dress wounds.With the progression of scientific understanding, silver compounds and colloids were developed and became widely used medicinally to treat all sorts of infectious diseases. By 1940, there were roughly four dozen different silver compound products on the market to treat every known infectious disease, available orally, topically, or by injection. It was generally recognized not only as safe when properly prepared, but tremendously effective.

Western medicine abandons silver

With the advent of synthetic, patented drugs and antibiotics in the 1930s, silver was gradually abandoned by the medical profession, at least for the most part. Since resistant strains of disease organisms had not yet surfaced at that time, most practitioners jumped on the new drugs, seeing them as being superior and technologically-advanced. Most of silver’s uses lost favor with the exception of it being used as a water purifying agent and as a wound dressing.

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