The 6 Most Common Traits Of Old Souls

‘Old Souls’ are a special kind of being that their physical age doesn’t match their emotional or spiritual depth. Old souls have normally gone through some of life’s more unexpected trends. They go through life with a wary eye but a deeply cheering smile. You can recognize an old soul by their eyes, there is […]

That’s No Moon. It’s an Alien Observatory Created to Keep an Eye on Us! – – different point of view

Sure, claiming the Moon is artificial might sound crazy, but why does it ring like a bell when struck? Previous expeditions to the Moon have brought back considerable amount of information, but our planet’s natural satellite still remains mostly a mistery for researchers. The first man ever invested by NASA to head the Commission of […]

70 Ways to Make Others Feel Special

It’s easy to get wrapped up in ourselves, but imagine a world where we all made it a priority to make others feel special. Here are 70 ways to do just that. There is someone in my life that has an extraordinary talent for making people feel special. I would call him out by name, […]

How you write these 4 letters reveals a lot about your personality

VIDEO: Your ‘t’ indicates if you’re insecure. According to graphologist Kathi McKnight, your handwriting can communicate more than you may think. In particular, the way you write l, t, i, and y indicates a lot about your personality. Read more: Source: How you write these 4 letters reveals a lot about your personality

A Rich Man Took His Son To See What It Was Like To Be Poor, And This Is What Happened

One day a very wealthy father took his son on a trip to the country for the sole purpose of showing his son how it was to be poor.  They spent a few days and nights on the farm of what would be considered a very poor family. After their return from the trip, the […]

5 Legal Herbs That Expand Your Consciousness & Alter Your Dreams | Spirit Science and Metaphysics

 It turns out that you don’t need drugs to have psychedelic experiences or mystical encounters.  There are more than enough legal natural herbs that are completely safe, have no side effects, don’t put any strain on your nervous system, and have many positive physiological benefits. Here are 5 legal herbs that will expand your consciousness […]

The Science Of Why You Should Spend Your Money On Experiences, Not Things

Most people are in the pursuit of happiness. There are economists who think happiness is the best indicator of the health of a society. We know that money can make you happier, though after your basic needs are met, it doesn’t make you that much happier. But one of the biggest questions is how to […]

The enduring genius of The Avengers and Patrick Macnee

Patrick Macnee has died at the age of 93. Here Dick Fiddy pays tribute to the TV series that made his name Source: The enduring genius of The Avengers and Patrick Macnee

41 Regrets You Don’t Want to Take to Your Grave.

Take a seat. Close your eyes and imagine how much you will regret if you keep living your life exactly the same way you are right now. How do these thoughts make you feel? Is your body tense? Does your mind feel imprisoned? Feel it as clearly as you can. And then ask yourself: is […]

Talks for people who hated math in high school | Playlist |

Playlist (6 talks): Talks for people who hated math in high school Source: Talks for people who hated math in high school | Playlist |

7 Legal Herbs That Can Alter Your Consciousness and Super-Charge your Dreams | Earth. We are one

 Herbs and plants are an integral part of the life that exists on our planet on every level.  Plants are our food, our medicine, and are also catalysts to the expansion of our consciousness.  Throughout our daily lives we are more likely to coast by using our automated behaviors and modes to experie Source: 7 Legal Herbs […]

Mystery of Prince Rupert’s Drop at 130,000 fps – Smarter Every Day 86 – YouTube

An amazing display of a phenomenon of physics.  

Incredible: Robot Stitches A Grape Back Together! – YouTube

How to connect deeply with anyone (in 5 minutes)

I’m going to share a game with you. This game will reveal incredible things about whoever plays it; surprise, shock and delight complete strangers, and has kickstarted more friendships than I know how to count. Play along and you’ll see. I want you to imagine a desert, stretching out as far as your eyes can […]

2015 Being The Change – Digging for Truth

believe such is the state of human conscious evolution. There are no set dates, deadlines, or timelines that determine human events. The trajectory of humankind modifies as a result of conscious acts , fueled by passionate intent. We all know the insecure state that we exist in now. Too many people are one paycheck, or […]

Easily Distracted By Noise? You Might Just Be A Creative Genius

Usually, the brain automatically filters out irrelevant information. But people with a “leaky” sensory gate, psychologists say, struggle to shut out information such as a clock ticking or a conversation in the distance.” [In these people], sensory information is leaking in,” Darya Zabelina, a doctoral candidate in psychology at Northwestern and the study’s lead author, […]

7 Things You Must Know To Be A Free-Thinker | Spirit Science and Metaphysics

We all have a certain degree of admiration for those forward-thinkers who were ahead of their time or for those free-spirited individuals who had the courage, the will and the foresight to speak out despite risking being labelled as non-conformists and cast to the outer fringes of society. Well, truth be told, that is never a […]

The Comic Strip David Chappelle – YouTube

A day’s worth of Dave Cappelle and truth. The Comic Strip David Chappelle 02:27:2009 – YouTube.

FULL – Nonviolent Communication Workshop – Marshall Rosenberg

No more harsh remarks made or insults taken. FULL – Nonviolent Communication Workshop – Marshall Rosenberg (2000) (Multi Subtitles) – YouTube.

The Grammar of Clickbait

Clickbait is bad. Clickbait is ruining journalism… The key element in clickbait titles is the relationship between the first sentence and the second. The first is relatively traditional, while the second sentence is short, annoyingly informal, and conspiratorial. Here’s what you should know… via Life Sentences: The Grammar of Clickbait! | The American Reader.