Alternative views on financial conditions/banking…

Truthfully, I am amazed that there are people out there who have read the Fed Boston information and my analysis and STILL can’t get past their DENIAL that there is another agenda going on when it comes to Greenspan.


If you are new…you’ve got a lot to learn and a short amount of time to do it!

Here’s a start…

The Road to Roota Theory postulates that there is a group of people in the United States as well as around the world that are working to remove and destroy the financial banking powers that have secretly controlled all aspects of our lives for hundreds of years. The original idea of this group sprang from the mind of Alan Greenspan and involved rigging markets with computer programs that he had invented in the 1960’s. The original articles can be found here:

The Original Road to Roota

My understanding of the way the world worked was blown to bits and replaced with a more unified theory on all things monetary… all things that lead us down The Road to Roota otherwise known as the Road to the Gold Standard.

When you understand this you will soon need to understand that ALL of your virtual assets are at risk right now…

via Bix Weir Interview on Greenspans Golden Agenda.

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