All BS: “US and ‘partners’ launch airstrikes on ISIS targets in Syria”

There is something much larger going on here, which is why I feel I “got” to post this. I feel that “the Energies” which are incoming now are calling for a grand exposure of ABS items (ABS = All BS) items, and that they must come to a head prior to exposure to “the masses”. There is a reason that “the Obama” is allowing this to happen, even though it appears to be a clear international violation of Syria’s air space.

One thing is, why is anyone or thing associated with the “partners in contrast”, aka, cabal, expected to follow “international law”? They only quote that when someone else violates it.

Anyway, that’s what I got about this. There’s more to it than meets the standard MSM and alternative SM eyes…

via RT 9-23-14… “US and ‘partners’ launch airstrikes on ISIS targets in Syria” | Kauilapele’s Blog.

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