A Glimpse into the Scary World of Vaccine Adjuvants

For decades, vaccine developers have been tinkering with various substances to trick the body into heightened immune responses.

Adjuvants are formulated compounds, which when combined with vaccine antigens intensify the body’s immune response.  They are used to elicit an early, high and long-lasting immune response.  “The chemical nature of adjuvants, their mode of action and their reactions (side effect) are highly variable in terms of how they affect the immune system and how serious their adverse effects are due to the resultant hyperactivation of the immune system. While adjuvants enable the use of less *antigen to achieve the desired immune response and reduce vaccine production costs, with few exceptions, adjuvants are foreign to the body and cause adverse reactions”, writes Australian scientist Viera Scheibner Ph.D,

via A Glimpse into the Scary World of Vaccine Adjuvants

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