7 Vital Herbs From The Herbalist’s Garden

Herbalism, found and practiced throughout virtually every region and people of the world, has been practiced with quite some success for thousands of years. Many modern practitioners and patients of herbal or holistic medicine consider it to be the precursor of modern pharmaceutical medicine. And, considering that most modern pharmaceuticals are comprised of, or have been developed from, extracts of various plants, they may not be wholly incorrect.

In any case, modern pharmaceutical medicines are unfortunately something of a limited commodity. If, or when, a serious disaster or other calamitous event strikes, access to modern medicine is likely to be extremely limited or entirely unavailable. Depending on the range and scope of the disaster, you may be faced with a situation where medicines are out of production or are only available in very small quantities.

Fortunately, the human race has been around, and has managed to survive, for millennia without the aid of modern pharmaceutical medicines. More fortunately still, much of this traditional knowledge has been passed down through the generations, orally and in written form. In recent decades, modern science has also been employed to carry out detailed, thorough studies regarding many traditional herbal remedies and recipes.

As a result, we now have access to a wealth of knowledge inherited from generations past, as well as the growing scientific knowledge to understand how and why certain traditional remedies have their efficacy. In short, it’s never been a better, or easier, time to become a bit of an herbalist; and some basic botany know-how might one day prove quite useful if the pharmacies should ever start to fail.

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