5 Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Bedroom and Better Your Sleep

You will spend one-third of your life in your bedroom. Think about it. One third of your total life spent in one room. You will rest, relax and regenerate here. You will sleep, dream, hug and have sexy time in this room. Yet, somehow, we rarely ask ourselves whether we can improve the quality of time spent in this precious space. We just jump in, pull up the blanket and expect to be fit and functional once we open our eyes again. I think it is time, however, to give our bedroom the status it deserves. Let us turn it into a shrine dedicated to the wondrous reset button we all experience on a daily basis. Follow these simple tweaks to turn our bedroom into an oasis of well-being.

1. Expel The Light

In today’s neon-lit world, it is hard to get enough darkness. We evolved to spend much more time without a source of light, either sleeping or just resting, than we do in our modern world. When you are exposed to light, your body inhibits the sleep hormone and powerful anti-oxidant: Melatonin. This off-sets your whole neurotransmitter and hormone equilibrium and experts have linked this to chronic stress, Bipolar Disorder and all kinds of immune-system imbalances. Closing your eyes doesn’t help either. Even your skin can detect a small beam of artificial light!

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