41 Regrets You Don’t Want to Take to Your Grave.

Take a seat. Close your eyes and imagine how much you will regret if you keep living your life exactly the same way you are right now. How do these thoughts make you feel? Is your body tense? Does your mind feel imprisoned? Feel it as clearly as you can. And then ask yourself: is it time to toss your broken record?…

#1 Not having more passion. And I’m not referencing the cheap or diluted kind, but the fiery, sincere connection that only two bodies can paint, translate and share. The kind that when you reminise it, it electrifies your entire body. Be naked more.

#2 Not getting into the best shape of your life. But instead giving in to the crappy processed selection that only feeds sadness, remorse and a lack of self-love.

#3 Not getting over your childhood. No matter the trauma. You made it. Try not to carry that backpack longer than necessary. And note, you are not your parents — defy your genetics. That’s why you are here.

#4 Not saying ’yes’ as often as you could have. You know those times… when your gut was pushing you out the door but your insecurities or habits were keeping you inside?

#5 Not falling in love with your body. I’m talking every square inch of imperfection — every blemish, stretchmark, spider vein, wrinkle and asymmetrical attribute possible. She’s carried you all this way, how can you not adore her?!

#6 Not staying in bed with your lover just a little longer. Because you had to work, because you had to send that one email, because you had to call so and so back, because you felt fat…

#7 Not allowing your children to sleep in your bed. When it all comes to an end, do you really think it mattered? Those rules of society, that television show, that extra hour of sleep — all the while your heart wanted something else, that warmth, that cuddle, that magical moment of parent to child bliss.

#8 Surrounding yourself with awful friends. And convincing yourself that’s all the world had to offer you. Or even worse, because you didn’t feel like making the effort to seek out new light.

#9 Not enjoying time alone. But instead distracting yourself incessantly with television, cyberspace or insincere company.

#10 Not spending more time in nature. Because deep down inside you were afraid even confused by its magic, power and your connection with it.

#11 Being too busy. At the end of your days, don’t you want to have been the one setting your alarm clock?

#12 Not getting over your bad mood. You know the one, we all have it. The one that hides your power and talents and invites nothing else but dismay, sourness and can’t go far beyond the pitying of the self.

#13 Not being more patient. With everything and everyone.

#14 Spending years being someone you’re not. Hiding, not making the effort, not believing in the voice inside of you…being a sheep, the cookie cut-out or the manufactured human.

#15 Being delusional and indifferent. To atrocity, to war, to the imbalance in the world and convincing yourself you could do nothing to change it.

#16 Being quick to anger more often than not. Allowing irrational emotions to direct and lead your life and connection with the world when in the back of your mind, your calm, rational heart is just waiting to take the steering wheel.

#17 Neglecting the way animals are treated. We all know this isn’t right — how could a factory farm be all right? It never was and it still isn’t and it never ever will be. Even if you devour a steak per day, the way it’s done is not right for anyone or any life form. Don’t be fooled — not now, not never.

#18 Not using your voice. Especially in times when you felt it pulsing in your throat — to stick up for yourself, to share compassion, to offer help, to support someone or something else. to compliment… to speak the truth.

#18 Following the herd. Not allowing yourself to discover your own values but relinquishing your self to what the majority is doing even if it doesn’t feel right — at all.

#19 Not quitting the job you hate. Just because it meant you’d make less money doing something else that you liked or even loved.

#20 Not supporting those around you. Feeling reluctant to ‘like’ anything on Facebook that involves your friend’s new concept, idea or career because deep down inside it triggered your own fear and your own reluctance to take the leap.

#21 Abandoning friends and loved ones out of jealousy. Allowing your own facade to damage or taint or even create a negative reaction towards the lives of others because their lives seem to be going positively or abundantly.

#22 Not traveling. Even if it was just a road trip to the state next door or moving a friend to the West Coast….

Source: 41 Regrets You Don’t Want to Take to Your Grave.

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