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5 Stumbling Blocks to Spiritual Enlightenment

All IS NOT Love and Light The “All is Love and Light” cliche is one of my personal pet peeves. This maxim has become cliche, trite and deflective of reality. I’m sure those that constantly repeat this banality mean well. However, seeking enlightenment will take you to some dark places, some unloving places in you. […]

ISIS is America’s New Terror Brand: Endless Propaganda Fuels “War on Terror” | Global Research

The overt support of ISIS, combined with the fact that it is battling the same Syrian government the Obama administration overtly sought to wage war against just one year ago, strongly suggest the organization’s sponsorship by Western intelligence and military interests. ISIS’s curious features are readily apparent to non-Western news outlets and citizenries. For example, […]

No, The Police Don’t Work for You

…One fact not adequately understood by the public is that even geographically local police departments are not locally accountable. Police chiefs are not elected officials; they are appointed by the municipal corporation that employs them. Police departments describe themselves as public agencies for the purpose of “qualified immunity.” However, as the recent ACLU report on police […]