Archives for August 22, 2014

‘Tractor beam’ for water can pull boats in any direction

It can be difficult to get waterborne objects to go in the right direction — just ask any boat captain who has had to fight waves on a choppy sea. However, researchers at the Australian National University have developed a “tractor beam” (really, a wave generator) that would make it trivial for you to float […]

A simple laser blast could help grow your teeth back (Science Alert)

And all it takes is a quick blast with a low-powered laser, according to new research by a team of Harvard University-led scientists. The new study published in Science Translational Medicine shows that a low-power laser can trigger stem cells in your tooth to form dentin. As Sarah Zhang reports for Gizmodo, currently dentists can […]

How Crazy-Long German Words are Made

German is known for its extra long compound words. When Mark Twain complained that some German words were “so long they have a perspective,” he was thinking of words like Freundschaftsbezeigungen demonstrations of friendship and Generalstaatsverordnetenversammlungen general states representatives meetings. Long German words were in the news this year when many sources reported that Germany […]