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5 Simple Ways to Fix US Police Departments

These solutions are practical, effective, and low cost. 1. National Police Offender Registry: Sex offender registries are common because those who betray the public’s trust must be readily identified to prevent a second violation. Law enforcement officials that violate the public’s trust should not be treated differently. If an officer is found to have used […]

Nutrition for Healthy Hair

Hormonal Imbalances and Hair Loss: Hair loss in women is most often associated with an imbalance of estrogen & testosterone in their bodies. This often happens during times of menopause.  Factors that increase the likelihood of hair loss in women are the following: 1)    Use of birth control pills throughout life 2)    High stress and poor posture and […]

First flying car may go on sale in 2015

A flying car called the Transition, of the Massachusetts-based firm Terrafugia, is designed to be driven both on the road and in the skies. It will go on sale in 2015, the same report said.It’s designed for pilots who want to be able to drive their planes home instead of parking them at the airport. […]