Archives for August 17, 2014

Hemp Supercapacitor is as Good as Graphene at a Fraction of the Cost

Graphene is a super material that is 100 times stronger than steel, conducts electricity better than copper, and is more flexible than rubber. It’s used in electronics but it’s prohibitively expensive to produce – so David Mitlin of Clarkson University, New York has discovered a way to replicate at least some of its properties with […]

New dental technique repairs damaged teeth naturally, negates need for injections, drillings and fillings –

In an effort that aligns entrepreneurial spirit with the body’s natural ability to restore health, experts at King’s College London have developed a way to put dental fillings by the wayside and, instead, help teeth heal themselves. Rather than drilling into an affected tooth and filling it with material to build up its structure again, […]