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Natural Immune System Health

Just as any gardener prepares the soil before they plant crops, someone seeking optimum intestinal flora should provide the most favorable medium or culture for a healthy, wholesome intestinal microbial environment. Pre-biotics are the nutrients in our gut ‘soil’ that grows the bountiful microbe colony of defenders for our immune systems. The biological term for […]

Detox After Exposure to Pesticides

Tips for eliminating pesticides from the body Most toxins are eliminated in bile via the liver. In addition to commercial cleansing products, a wide variety of foods, supplements and healthy practices can help flush and eliminate pesticides and other toxins from the liver, gall bladder, colon, kidneys and blood: * Glutathione is the body’s natural […]

BEN FULFORD : Major fall offensive against Nazionists begins despite continuing cabal threats of mass murder

The summer is ending and the Satan-worshipping cabalists are trembling in fear of what will come their way this autumn, according to White Dragon Society, CIA and Chinese government and other sources. However, instead of anything dramatic happening, the cabal will be left to continue its slow motion implosion as new international structures continue to […]

Tales from Shakespeare by Charles Lamb and Mary Lamb – Free Ebook

The major works of Shakespeare in plain and understandable English, written a couple centuries later. Free for the taking in several formats. Tales from Shakespeare by Charles Lamb and Mary Lamb – Free Ebook.

Preventing and Reversing Cancer Naturally: The Anticancer Diet

Despite being overlooked for decades, volumes of scientific evidence prove that diet and nutrition play a leading role in cancer development. Only in recent years have mainstream physicians and health groups begun to recognize the importance of our lifestyle choices when it comes to preventing and reversing cancer. Even the WHO report recommends a diet […]

How To Use Your Fear

  Self Mastery Our fears are rooted in our subconscious. The prelude to self mastery is grabbing your lantern and walking naked into your sub-conscious. Defenselessly facing yourself. “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek” ~ Joseph Campbell That is the substance of the hero’s journey. Gazing into the dark abyss […]

The Large Families that Rule the World

Some people have started realizing that there are large financial groups that dominate the world. Forget the political intrigues, conflicts, revolutions and wars. It is not pure chance. Everything has been planned for a long time. Some call it “conspiracy theories” or New World Order. Anyway, the key to understanding the current political and economic […]

‘Tractor beam’ for water can pull boats in any direction

It can be difficult to get waterborne objects to go in the right direction — just ask any boat captain who has had to fight waves on a choppy sea. However, researchers at the Australian National University have developed a “tractor beam” (really, a wave generator) that would make it trivial for you to float […]

A simple laser blast could help grow your teeth back (Science Alert)

And all it takes is a quick blast with a low-powered laser, according to new research by a team of Harvard University-led scientists. The new study published in Science Translational Medicine shows that a low-power laser can trigger stem cells in your tooth to form dentin. As Sarah Zhang reports for Gizmodo, currently dentists can […]

How Crazy-Long German Words are Made

German is known for its extra long compound words. When Mark Twain complained that some German words were “so long they have a perspective,” he was thinking of words like Freundschaftsbezeigungen demonstrations of friendship and Generalstaatsverordnetenversammlungen general states representatives meetings. Long German words were in the news this year when many sources reported that Germany […]

Everyday Ingredient That Can Reduce Pot Paranoia and More?

According to a recent report by, sniffing black peppercorns could be the simple answer to reducing the paranoia effects sometimes felt after smoking pot. By simply smelling or chewing on peppercorns after lighting up, smokers can mitigate these effects, writes Jay Arthur. Owen Smith writes in Canada’s Cannabis Digest that while at Victoria Cannabis […]

The Secret Space Program and Breakaway Civilization – Richard Dolan Lecture – YouTube

Published on Jan 28, 2014The Secret Space Program: In this lecture Richard Dolan argues that the UFO phenomenon is infinitely more complex than many have previously suggested, and that human and non-human groups are behind what we call UFOs. via The Secret Space Program and Breakaway Civilization – Richard Dolan Lecture – YouTube.

5 proven ways to prevent and treat arthritis

Dietary practices have a major impact on arthritis. In fact, if you eat the typical American diet, it is likely making your arthritis worse. Among the worst offenders for creating arthritic symptoms include: – Hydrogenated and trans fats – White flour and sugar – Gluten – Chemical additives – Yeast – Milk and dairy products […]

5 Simple Ways to Fix US Police Departments

These solutions are practical, effective, and low cost. 1. National Police Offender Registry: Sex offender registries are common because those who betray the public’s trust must be readily identified to prevent a second violation. Law enforcement officials that violate the public’s trust should not be treated differently. If an officer is found to have used […]

Nutrition for Healthy Hair

Hormonal Imbalances and Hair Loss: Hair loss in women is most often associated with an imbalance of estrogen & testosterone in their bodies. This often happens during times of menopause.  Factors that increase the likelihood of hair loss in women are the following: 1)    Use of birth control pills throughout life 2)    High stress and poor posture and […]

First flying car may go on sale in 2015

A flying car called the Transition, of the Massachusetts-based firm Terrafugia, is designed to be driven both on the road and in the skies. It will go on sale in 2015, the same report said.It’s designed for pilots who want to be able to drive their planes home instead of parking them at the airport. […]

Hemp Supercapacitor is as Good as Graphene at a Fraction of the Cost

Graphene is a super material that is 100 times stronger than steel, conducts electricity better than copper, and is more flexible than rubber. It’s used in electronics but it’s prohibitively expensive to produce – so David Mitlin of Clarkson University, New York has discovered a way to replicate at least some of its properties with […]

New dental technique repairs damaged teeth naturally, negates need for injections, drillings and fillings –

In an effort that aligns entrepreneurial spirit with the body’s natural ability to restore health, experts at King’s College London have developed a way to put dental fillings by the wayside and, instead, help teeth heal themselves. Rather than drilling into an affected tooth and filling it with material to build up its structure again, […]

Teen Produces Both Clean Energy AND Fresh Water

Google has announced the finalists of this year’s Google Science Fair and the line-up is impressive. But among the 15 inventions designed to make the world a better place, Cynthia Sin Nga Lam’s submission is definitely a major standout. Concerned about the millions of people living without energy and water, the 17-year-old student scientist from […]

Sesame Oil May Heal Liver Damage

Sesame seeds are one of the most powerful healing foods on the planet.  For thousands of years they have been used by traditional peoples for food and medicine. Chinese medicine suggests this ancient food may help relieve the epidemic of liver damage from modern drugs. Hepatotoxicity is liver damage caused by chemicals.  It’s a significant […]