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The 10 Most Important Business Skills in 2020 (Infographic) |

In just six years time, the skills you’ll be looking for in star employees will be vastly different from those ideal in today’s workers. Consider this your crystal ball. In the near future, smart machines and systems will automate many jobs that exist today, changing the nature of skills that are in high demand. via […]

UPDATED: 166 Documentaries To Expand Your Consciousness |Higher Perspective

Here is a list of over 100 documentaries you can watch for free online. They are about Science, Consciousness, ETs, you name it. It’s a smorgasbord of fascinating subjects to learn about. via UPDATED: 166 Documentaries To Expand Your Consciousness |Higher Perspective.

On The Flash Point Of The Coming Revolution …….

A common and continuing theme in conversation about collapse is the perplexing absence of a righteous uprising, if not a 1700s-style insurrection. The populace is likened to sheep, hence “sheeple”, studiously ignorant of events, dumb and unhappy by choice, living on autopilot. This is largely false. Those with a liking for history know the “greatest […]