Archives for June 24, 2014

The “Free Energy” Bible | Aether Force

The search for free energy is truly maddening. It seems that every mention of these things is loaded with bad writing, silly claims and no details. Everything leads to a dead end and after a week of searching you just want to give up. One man, Patrick Kelly, Has put together a simply amazing book. […]

One Mouthful of Delicious Sauerkraut = 1 Bottle of Probiotics!

The Proof is in the Kraut! Dr. Joseph Mercola sent a sample of his homemade sauerkraut off to a lab and reported the findings of probiotics saying, “We had it analyzed. We found in a 4-6 ounce serving of the fermented vegetables there were literally ten trillion bacteria.” WHAT? All those expensive probiotic bottles they sell in […]

The Truth About Conductors. Electricity runs through the Dielectric not the Wire | Aether Force

When one puts the following together one begins to realize that electricity actually flows in the space around wires, in the aetherous space, not in the actual metal of the wires themselves, which in reality reflect and repel magnetism  This amazing realization is further proof of the existence of the Aether. As Scientists we must think […]