Archives for May 29, 2014

When Dave Chappelle Explained To Maya Angelou Why He Left Chappelle Show

As news spreads on the passing of writer and poet Maya Angelou, we take time to highlight a moment in comedy which involved herself & Dave Chappelle. In 2006 the two traded stories on The Sundance Channel’s ‘Iconoclast’ in which Chappelle discussed his writing style and shared why he left his popular show on Comedy […]

US Navy Lab Turns Seawater Into Fuel

For centuries, alchemists have tried to turn lead into gold. That transmutation has long been proven impossible, but another similar dream – turning water into fuel – seems to be achievable. Scientists at a U.S. Naval Laboratory proved it by flying a model airplane burning re-engineered seawater. Natural gas and liquid fuels, burned in all […]

The Five Healthiest Backyard Weeds | LiveScience

You likely have weeds in your garden or in your neighborhood that are striving in the heat and are actually far more healthful than almost anything you can grow or buy. Far from famine food, these so-called weeds can be delicious if prepared properly. And they are absolutely free. Just a few words of caution: […]