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The Modern Militia Movement vs The Art of War – Digging for Truth

Which brings me to the most critical section of this piece – Self Knowledge. The modern militia movement may be the least self aware segment of American culture. Theirs is a manufactured, illusory identity. Many times they come off as caricatures. They seem like little more than gangbangers in camo and hunting boots. Their opponent […]

Why boomers are retiring to college | PBS NewsHour

Like the Goldwires, many older Americans are trading the leisure circuit for the college campus in retirement. By moving close to a university, Carle said, seniors are primed to get what studies show they want: “They want active, they want intellectually stimulating, and they want intergenerational retirement environments.” Oak Hammock offers many opportunities to continue […]

What Men REALLY Want

…the body shape that men find most attractive is actually quite similar to the one that young women typically have—correction: had. Just as evolution has designed men to prefer a shape ideal for mothering, it has moved women toward that shape. Even though Playmates are taller than average and have unusually small waists, their figures […]