Archives for April 5, 2014

13 Ways to Productively Waste Time

Online ways to productively “kill” time: Learn a language Learn to code Learn to de-stress Plan dinner DIY project tips… Numerous studies have shown that we actually get more done if we take periodic breaks away from work to refresh. So the question isn’t should you kick back for a few minutes, it’s what’s the […]

Let Them Eat Flies | KQED Video

An Ohio engineer puts flies to work turning food waste into fish food at the start-up company, Enviroflight. With a growing population, over-fished oceans, and widespread wasteful food practices, Enviroflight thinks they have hit on a way to address a food and a waste problem, all by recruiting the help of some voracious bugs. via […]

When one New Zealand school tossed its playground rules and let students risk injury, the results were surprising | National Post

[The principal] knew children might get hurt, and that was exactly the point — perhaps if they were freed from the “cotton-wool” in which their 21st century parents had them swaddled, his students may develop some resilience, use their imaginations, solve problems on their own.The parent sat down, stone-faced, across from the principal. “‘My son […]