Archives for March 3, 2014

MIT Cold Fusion – The Revolution has Begun! – YouTube

What if the answer to mankind’s energy problems was unfairly ignored and dismissed by mainstream science? I fear that Cold Fusion technology will continue to be suppressed by the Powers that Shouldn’t Be… because it threatens to undermine the entire energy/monetary/petrodollar system! I would like everyone to share this video and spread the word about […]

4-step Hawaiian Clearing Technique: Ho’oponopono – 5 min YouTube

1) I love you. 2) I’m sorry. 3) Please forgive me. 4) Thank you. The simple method of saying four specific phrases, while meditating on your problem and connecting with your idea of a higher power, is enough to start wiping out any and all “programs” that have been stopping your flow in the past. […]

Stem Cells Could Extend Human Life By Over 200 Years

This is a significant finding, it could not only extend the life of humans but also be able to delay symptoms that are correlated with aging. Humanity is continually progressing in its understanding of science and technology. Everyday, new breakthroughs are made that have the potential to change the way we live. Unfortunately, we live […]