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L-Lysine stops bleeding gums, protects against gingivitis and periodontal disease :: The JB Bardot Archives

Bleeding gums is a warning sign that you may have periodontal disease, or some other serious health condition. In most cases, intermittent bleeding of the gums is due to excess plaque buildup on the teeth at the gum line. However, you gums may also bleed if you are not getting enough L-lysine, an essential amino […]

Yes, Full Time Travel Really is Less Expensive than Staying Home | Everywhere Once

It doesn’t seem possible, but it is completely true. Traveling 365 days every year is less expensive than traveling just five or ten or fifteen days per year. And the reason for that is simple: living at home requires a huge amount of overheard that doesn’t exist on the road. If you don’t believe me, […]