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Why you should care about Net neutrality FAQ

What does all this mean to the average Internet user? While the legal arguments may seem complicated and arcane, the reality is that this court decision has the potential to alter the future of the Internet as we know it. Whether you think these changes will harm consumers or benefit them depends on who you […]

Water-Powered Cars & Inventors Killed

Water-powered cars have existed for years. Oil, with its attendant evils – pollution, oil wars, oil spills – are unnecessary. Water-powered cars have been given scant media coverage. In some cases, the inventors were intimidated into ceasing their work or assassinated. The Illuminati quash free energy technology because it would transform society and breakdown the […]

3D Printed Nano Battery, The Smallest And Most Efficient Yet

Scientists have successfully 3D printed a Lithium-ion battery about the size of a grain of sand. This is truly amazing, with this kind of technology we can make batteries with many times the capacity of current day batteries, on the same size, or even smaller. It also has the potential to revolutionize nanotechnology. Usually with […]

Expanded Consciousness: 166 Documentaries To Expand Your Consciousness

Here is a list of over 100 documentaries you can watch for free online. They are about Science, Consciousness, ETs, you name it. It’s a smorgasbord of fascinating subjects to learn about. via Expanded Consciousness: 166 Documentaries To Expand Your Consciousness.

12 Result-Based Quick Home Remedies for Sore Throat

Natural Home Remedies for Sore Throat 1. Water Water is necessary and very beneficial. Consume enough water to create your urine appear clear to light yellow, which will help to keep your throat and oral cavity wet as well as help your neck and oral cavity get rid of issues, substances and bacteria. Increased intake […]

40 Ways To Make Life Simple Again

Don’t try to read other people’s minds. Don’t make other people try to read yours. Communicate. Be polite, but don’t try to be friends with everyone around you. Instead, spend time nurturing your relationships with the people who matter most to you. Your health is your life, keep up with it. Get an annual physical […]

Seven Alternatives To, Obamacare’s Glitchy Website

Obamacare’s glitch-riddled website doesn’t have to stop you from buying health insurance. There are alternatives to, the federal website where consumers will perhaps someday be able to shop for insurance plans under the Affordable Care Act, President Obama’s signature health-care reform law. has struggled to become fully functional since its launch two weeks […]

20 ways to live like a king for very little


“The Entire Pacific Ocean Is Broken” — Veteran Yachtman

It was the silence that made this voyage different from all of those before it. Not the absence of sound, exactly. The wind still whipped the sails and whistled in the rigging. The waves still sloshed against the fibreglass hull. And there were plenty of other noises: muffled thuds and bumps and scrapes as the […]

10 Foods Available in the US that are Banned Elsewhere

To increase awareness and education, a list of foods available in the United States, but illegal elsewhere, follow: Genetically Engineered Papaya The United States sources most of its papaya from Hawaii. Unfortunately, a large percentage of the tropical fruit imported from this state is genetically engineered (GE) to be ringspot virus-resistant. Research shows that animals […]

Dr. Martin Luther King assassinated by US govt: King Family civil trial verdict

“I can hardly believe the fact that, apart from the courtroom participants, only Memphis TV reporter Wendell Stacy and I attended from beginning to end this historic three-and-one-half week trial. Because of journalistic neglect scarcely anyone else in this land of ours even knows what went on in it. After critical testimony was given in […]

50 Clean Eating Snacks

By stocking your pantry, desk, or handbag with unprocessed snacks, you’ll quickly eliminate refined sugar, sodium, and unnecessary chemicals from your diet.Choose from these 50 clean eating snacks and slash processed foods from your diet: via 50 Clean Eating Snacks.

Simple plant kills up to 98% of cancer cells – and stops diabetes

I’m always looking for natural substances that throw a “monkey wrench” into the peculiar metabolism of cancer cells. Its vital these substances kill cancer cells and leave normal cells untouched. I’ve told you about some of my discoveries in the past. They include resveratrol, green tea, Seanol, and others. But today I’m going to tell […]

11 Puzzling Things About the Moon

The Puzzle of the Moon’s Origin: Scientists have generally offered three major theories to account for the moon in orbit around our planet. All three are in serious trouble, but the least likely theory emerged from the Apollo missions as the favorite theory. One theory was that the moon might have been born alongside the […]

50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind

These questions have no right or wrong answers.  Sometimes asking the right question IS the answer… How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are? Which is worse, failing or never trying? If life is so short, why do we do so many things we don’t like and like so many things we […]

Forget Setting Goals. Focus on This Instead.

We all have things that we want to achieve in our lives — getting into the better shape, building a successful business, raising a wonderful family, writing a best-selling book, winning a championship, and so on. And for most of us, the path to those things starts by setting a specific and actionable goal. At […]

Common Weed is one of the Most Useful Medicines on the Planet

Plantain is almost a panacea for the human body, treating everything from all menstrual difficulties, all digestive issues, to nearly all skin complaints, and even arthritis. Add to salads, chew to ease thirst, or enjoy in stir fries. This versatile wild vegetable will keep you in good health for years to come! via The Future […]

Uncommon Ideas on Sexuality & Consciousness

Sexuality in our world and how its been manipulated so we are restricted to seeing it merely as a means to procreate or achieve orgasm. Here is the complete chapter 20 titled “Sexuality : A Bridge to Higher Levels of Consciousness”. When the library of yourselves was torn from the shelves and scattered, and the […]

Know Your Rights


89 Simple Life Hacks to Make Your New Year Better

Simple life hacks  to make your 2014 better. via Here are 89 Life Hacks That Will Make Your New Year So Much Better.