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4 Practical Philosophies That Will Empower You

Philosophy is a fascinating branch of wisdom. However these esoteric ideas are sometimes difficult to translate into practical application. What are all of those thoughts, suppositions and theories actually good for? How can an understanding of philosophy ultimately help you lead a better life? Today I want to examine with you four philosophical ideas that […]

Iraq StarGate Key to 911 and Bush – CNN iReport

On December 12, 2011 Boris Chertok, Engineer of one of the first manned missions to space for the Soviet Union died at age 99. The US Intelligence Complexes and US Military Complexes hope all of the eye witnesses to the Secret Space Program will die off before they have to tell the Truth. The 25,000 […]

Yet another vaccine researcher caught faking research; vaccine industry riddled with scientific fraud

Yet another vaccine researcher has been caught faking research on a bogus AIDS vaccine, adding to the pattern of scientific fraud and criminality that characterizes the modern-day vaccine industry. Dr. Dong-Pyou Han from Iowa State University has resigned this week after admitting he spiked rabbit blood samples with healthy human blood to falsely show the […]

Past predictions of many sources | The Big Picture

At some point we, the 99.9%, need to make things happen. So many predictions, so many reports of logical, plausible, and necessary actions that just haven’t happened. [Yet?] Mass Arrests, The Event, Bankster Update from Drake‚Äôs FB Page; Dec. 26th | 2012 The Big Picture.