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Obama Admin Allowing China To Suck Water Out Of The Great Lakes

(Truman Jackson) A little more than a year ago, The Center for Western Journalism ran a story on Obama’s war on America’s fresh water supply. People scoffed and called the outlet doomsdayers and Obama naysayers, but now, it appears their warnings may have been accurate, as record low levels for the American Great Lakes have […]

How to Heal Cavities Naturally

A fine example of what is often deemed as an incurable health problem is dental cavities, but extensive research is now becoming more public about the true nature of tooth decay and the fact that there are proven remedies that can remedy it. What actually causes tooth decay Tooth decay, as researched by Dr. Weston […]

See The Wheel That Will Change Bikes Forever

Say hello to the Copenhagen Wheel, a device that slips onto your existing bike wheel.  It stores the energy that you already use, and saves it for when you need it most.  Hills become flat, and you no longer have to expel loads of energy to get around.  Curious?  Watch the video for more information.  […]

Caffeine + alcohol keeps your chromosomes just right?

Spike your coffee just right and avoid cancer and aging…(??) The ends of your chromosomes are sensitive to a variety of environmental factors. via Caffeine + alcohol keeps your chromosomes just right | Ars Technica.