Archives for November 13, 2013

10 Foods That Discourage Colon Polyps

Nutritious, fiber-rich foods have long been associated with regular bowel function and improved digestive health. Recent research suggests that the effects of these foods may be more beneficial than previously thought, especially with regard to the development of colon polyps. Colon, or colorectal, polyps are small fleshy growths inside the lining of the large intestine […]

The American-made Stuxnet virus has infected the International Space Station | ExtremeTech

“The virus wasn’t planted there by a species of locust-like space aliens hell-bent on revenge for a defeat at the hands of humans during a certain day of historical importance. Instead, the virus has reportedly gone rogue — or at least become too big for its creators to control. Reports state that Stuxnet is hitting […]

Stanford scientists create low-cost clean energy from H2O

Stanford researchers have developed an inexpensive device that uses light to split water into oxygen and clean-burning hydrogen. The goal is to supplement solar cells with hydrogen-powered fuel cells that can generate electricity when the sun isn’t shining or demand is high. via Stanford scientists create a durable, low-cost water splitter made of silicon and […]