Archives for October 4, 2013

Small robots that self-assemble – YouTube

Robots that create themselves is yet another feature of our future. This is a first step, well done by a college kid with a great idea, who found good resources and who kept at it. Small cubes that self-assemble – YouTube.

They’ll Say the Cops Did a Great Job; They Always Do –

Having had been in a number of “emergency” situations on Capitol Hill during my decade there, I feel safe saying I never felt so unsafe as when the pumped-up, tattooed, shorts-wearing, military assault rifle-toting Capitol Hill cops were trying to keep us safe. Like the time we were told a dangerous criminal with a gun […]

Strategy To Learn Skills Insanely Fast; Engineer Your Own Job Opening

Good resources to start changing your life’s situation this very minute. Change your work, attitude, location, hobby, etc. The Forgotten Strategy To Learn Skills Insanely Fast, Build a World-Class Network and Engineer Your Own Job Opening

THIS magnetic thinking-cap, can temporarily transform you, back to a “superhuman” intelligence, that you already ARE!?

And this, your “superhuman intelligence”. . . . . . may have been only temporarily, and perhaps purposefully, ‘forgotten’ by your (fleeting) 3D, and physical, ‘you’. Using transcranial magnetic stimulation to stimulate certain areas of the brain and suppress others, temporarily turns one into a ‘savant’. Test subjects score “three” times better on math and […]