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That Which You Seek, You Are That – Digging for Truth

There is one Universe with infinite avenues of experiencing them. Fourth-fifth-and sixth and beyond dimensional realities are not some future portals of experiences, they are present now…those have been present forever. Those higher dimensions are not ‘coming to us’ . No, our experience of reality is rising to those higher dimensions. Humanity is awakening to […]

Survival Of The Stupidest

“A stupid person is a person who causes losses to another person or to a group of persons while himself deriving no gain and even possibly incurring losses.” “Always and inevitably everyone underestimates the number of stupid individuals in circulation.” “Non-stupid people always underestimate the damaging power of stupid individuals. In particular non-stupid people constantly […]

Chemical in Teflon linked to cancer: DuPont sued and sued…

Back in April 2013, DuPont was sued in a wrongful death case when a court-appointed science panel linked DuPont’s C8 (perfluorooctanoic acid) to kidney cancer, thyroid disease and testicular cancer, to name a few adverse effects. 2001 lawsuit advances forward Dupont’s C8 chemical, the key ingredient in their Teflon brand, is primarily used as a […]

Massive Oil Discovery Is Deathblow For Saudi/Big Oil Hegemony

It’s the biggest find in 50 years and the media is completely ignoring it… It is 6 times larger than the Bakken, 17 times the size of the Marcellus formation, and 80 times larger than the Eagle Ford shale. All told the recent discovery outside a sleepy Australian town contains more black gold than in […]

The REAL ‘Lone Ranger’ Was An African American Lawman Who Lived With Native American Indians

The real “Lone Ranger,” it turns out, was an African American man named Bass Reeves, who the legend was based upon. Perhaps not surprisingly, many aspects of his life were written out of the story, including his ethnicity. The basics remained the same: a lawman hunting bad guys, accompanied by a Native American, riding on […]

Russell Brand – All That Glitters is Not Gold…Or is It? – Digging for Truth

My purpose here is to not dispute any of the statements that Brand makes. He is pitch perfect and dead on with his assessments. Brand voices what many of us who have been paying attention have been saying for years. For that I am grateful. However, many other ‘celebrities’ have said virtually the same things […]

Return of Spectro-Chrome: The Most Suppressed Medical Technology

The Rockefeller created AMA had put a stop to Royal Raymond Rife and Wilhelm Reich and now the last great “threat” to their monopoly was removed. The Spectro-Chrome is always the premier display in every medical quackery museum. To the truly awakened this is seen as a badge of honor as this simple healing system […]

No Recipes, Just Golden Cooking Ratios

Why Ratios Are More Powerful than RecipesP Cooking can be daunting, but what you may not know is that a lot of foods are governed by some very basic math. Once you understand it, you’ll always be able to make a batch of freshly baked bread, make a rich and savory sauce, or mix up […]

Safe, clean, cheap hydrogen can replace expensive dirty fuels

Making hydrogen easily and cheaply is a dream goal for clean, sustainable energy. Bacteria have been doing exactly that for billions of years, and now chemists at the University of California, Davis, and Stanford University are revealing how they do it, and perhaps opening ways to imitate them. A study published Oct. 25 in the […]

Spinal Cord Injuries: Walk by stimulating areas of the brain

Stimulating a set of neurons deep in the brain has allowed rats with severe spinal cord injuries to walk almost normally again, a group of Swiss researchers reports in Science Translational Medicine this week. The rats were not completely paralyzed, but had damage to 70 to 80 percent of their reticulospinal fibers, so they had […]

Bitcoin Digital Currency Better Than Gold

It is always the government paper fiat money that gets corrupted throughout history,” Shishido will later tell us. “Bitcoin is not just a new digital currency. It is actually about liberty. via For Bitcoin’s Biggest Believers, Digital Currency Is Better Than Gold | Wired Enterprise |

Your Liver May Be Eating Your Brain | LiveScience

Your liver could be “eating” your brain, new research suggests.People with extra abdominal fat are three times more likely than lean individuals to develop memory loss and dementia later in life, and now scientists say they may know why. It seems that the liver and the hippocampus the memory center in the brain, share a […]

Silicon Valley’s Secessionists

But this weekend, at a Y Combinator start-up school, one tech entrepreneur outdid that investor by not just cheerleading dysfunction in Washington, but calling for Silicon Valley to literally secede from the United States. CNET reports that Balaji Srinivasan, the co-founder of San Francisco–based genetics company Counsyl, used his opportunity to address a roomful of […]

Glow-In-The-Dark Paths Could Be The Future Of Street Lighting | Popular Science

Evening visitors to Christ’s Pieces park in Cambridge, England are basking in the glow of a whole new type of street light. Starpath, a new type of resurfacing material being tested within the park, absorbs ultraviolet light during the day, then emits a blue light at night to illuminate walkways. The glowing particles can be painted […]

Why Iceland Should Be in the News But Is Not

Five years of a pure neo-liberal regime had made Iceland, (population 320 thousand, no army), one of the richest countries in the world. In 2003 all the country’s banks were privatized, and in an effort to attract foreign investors, they offered on-line banking whose minimal costs allowed them to offer relatively high rates of return. […]

7 Vital Herbs From The Herbalist’s Garden

Herbalism, found and practiced throughout virtually every region and people of the world, has been practiced with quite some success for thousands of years. Many modern practitioners and patients of herbal or holistic medicine consider it to be the precursor of modern pharmaceutical medicine. And, considering that most modern pharmaceuticals are comprised of, or have […]

Troubled Obamacare website wasn’t tested until a week before launch |

Federal officials did not permit testing of the Obamacare website or issue final system requirements until four to six days before its Oct. 1 launch, according to an individual with direct knowledge of the project. The individual, who spoke on condition of anonymity, described the troubled Obamacare website project as suffering from top-level management […]

Oath Keepers announces civilization preservation teams to be formed across America

A growing group of military veterans, police officers and first responders has a message for those in the ruling class who seek to impose their unconstitutional will on the nation: “Not on our watch. “Members of the group called Oath Keepers have pledged that while they live and breathe – and serve – there are […]

NY Federal Reserve Examiner Fired After Submitting Critical Report of Goldman Sachs | Common Dreams

NY Federal Reserve Examiner Fired After Submitting Critical Report of Goldman Sachs | Common Dreams. “The New York Fed is asking the judge to seal this case by stating that The Fed is not a public institution and not therefore not bound by the freedom of information act”?

The Worship of The False Idea – Let The Market Decide – Digging for Truth

That is because this ‘free market’ has owners. Owners that are not concerned with the advancement or evolution of mankind, but owners that are solely loyal to and beholden to profit margin. Profit margin, quarterly returns and stock value are the de-facto gods of this country. The market owners who majorly consist of bankers, wall […]