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Look at what the latest Magnetics technology can do

How about the time/labor savings with self assembly of items by structuring components by magnetic fields? Plenty of inventions waiting to happen with the new era of magnetics. Correlated Magnetics.

The Flavor Connection: Scientific American

Julia Child famously said that fat carries flavor, but perhaps instead we should give thanks to 4-methylpentanoic acid. Unique combinations of such chemical compounds give foods their characteristic flavors. Science-minded chefs have gone so far as to suggest that seemingly incongruous ingredients—chocolate and blue cheese, for example—will taste great together as long as they have […]

Exploring the Force with Michael Leas – YouTube

His vision is of a world that can only move forward with creative minds free to contribute to humanity instead of being chained to the gas pump or whatever other block they put in our way. Micheal is in the process of a new book and is giving away his article for free to the […]

Free-Energy: Buy the device once or twice a lifetime for unlimited energy

Safe, cheap, free-energy devices are available. The technology does not defy physics yet continues to be suppressed by the powers that be in the name of big profits. It’s forbidden by the utility industries and their component manufacturers, which are almost exclusively large corporations, plus academic science of universities and government research institutions, and the […]