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21 Emotions For Which There Are No English Words [Infographic] | Popular Science

  Few of us use all–or even most–of the 3,000 English-language words available to us for describing our emotions, but even if we did, most of us would still experience feelings for which there are, apparently, no words. In some cases, though, words do exist to describe those nameless emotions–theyre just not English words. Which […]

Drinking Distilled Water unHealthy

Distilled water is free of dissolved minerals and, because of this, has the special property of being able to actively absorb toxic substances from the body and eliminate them. Studies validate the benefits of drinking distilled water when one is seeking to cleanse or detoxify the system for short periods of time a few weeks […]

13 Hacks to Improve Your Google Search – The Daily Beast

Even the king of all search engines can be throttled up with a few simple tricks. From finding flights to discovering new music, here are 13 ways to hack Google. via 13 Hacks to Improve Your Google Search – The Daily Beast.

Sr. Counselor at World Bank Predicts Lawlessness when U S Dollar Loses International Currency Status – YouTube

We’re headed toward currency being worth less in the future than today, says former World Bank counselor who was released for exposing corruption. The economic’s technical term she refers to is “permanent gold backwardation.” Karen Hudes Predicts Lawlessness when U S Dollar Loses International Currency Status – YouTube.

Scientists Use Sound Waves To Levitate, Manipulate Matter

A team of researchers in Switzerland have developed a way of levitating and transporting small objects using nothing but sound. Using ultrasonic waves – that is, sound waves whose frequency is too high for humans to hear – scientists at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich have made water droplets, instant coffee crystals, […]

Dynamic Map of Europe: 1000 AD to present day – Map of Europe: 1000 AD to present day.

U.S. Sheriffs Rise Up Against Federal Government: Sheriff Threatens Feds With SWAT Team ~ Grass Roots Take Charge! | Political Vel Craft

As more people became dissatisfied with federal government controls and land grabs, it was inevitable that local law enforcement would eventually see the bigger picture. At the northern California fairgrounds of Yreka last month, seven California sheriffs and another from Oregon gathered with a large group of citizens to say that they are finally going […]

Physicists Discover Matter is FAR Simpler than Expected

Physicists have discovered a jewel-like geometric object that dramatically simplifies calculations of particle interactions and challenges the notion that space and time are fundamental components of reality. “This is completely new and very much simpler than anything that has been done before,” said Andrew Hodges, a mathematical physicist at Oxford University who has been following […]

On Election Fraud: Richard Charnin’s Blog

In 2004, John Kerry appeared to be a clear winner based on the exit polls. But the recorded vote counts deviated sharply from the polls and were too one-sided to attribute to mere chance. The political pundits claimed the polls “behaved badly”, calling the three million Bush margin a “mandate”. They failed to report the […]

TED aligns with Monsanto, halting any talks about GMOs, food as medicine or natural healing

Allow me to be the first to announce that TED is dead. Why? Because the group that organizes so-called “TED talks” has been thoroughly hijacked by corporate junk science and now openly rejects any talks about GMOs, food as medicine, or even the subject of how food can help prevent behavioral disorders in children. All […]

Why Are American Health Care Costs So High – YouTube

? Why Are American Health Care Costs So High? – YouTube.

Dutch Engineer: Missing Link To Hydrogen Cell Efficiency

All gas engines on the planet could be converted to this system if only the efficiency could be improved. The process work by running an electrical current through water. This splits up the H20 molecule into two hydrogen and one oxgen atom or into HHO aka brows gas, depending on whom you believe  These molecules are more explosive than gas […]

Petraeus hounded by hecklers at CUNY | New York Post

It was a rough first day of school for David Petraeus. The retired general was chased down the street by an angry mob after giving his first lecture at CUNY’s Macaulay Honors College on the Upper West Side, according to a video posted online Wednesday. The hecklers stalked the former CIA chief out of the […]

Coconut oil could combat tooth decay

Coconut oil attacks the bacteria behind tooth decay and could be used in dental care products, according to research. Scientists found that coconut oil which had been treated with enzymes stopped the growth of Streptococcus bacteria – a major cause of tooth decay. Tooth decay affects 60% to 90% of children in industralised countries. Speaking […]

The Silent Military Coup That Took Over Washington | Common Dreams

This time it’s Syria, last time it was Iraq. Obama chose to accept the entire Pentagon of the Bush era: its wars and war crimes via The Silent Military Coup That Took Over Washington | Common Dreams.

Chinese herbs prevent hair loss and stimulate natural hair restoration without the need for baldness drugs

Best hair restoration products using Chinese herbs Below are listed some of the best hair restoration treatments using Chinese herbs. An herbal specialist should be consulted for additional information on how to prepare a tonic. 1. The best natural hair restoration herbal remedy is Fo-Ti, also known as He Shou Wu, or by its Latin […]

Ultraculture | Tools for a Better Future

Japanese officials have just admitted the grim truth that since the 2011 Fukushima earthquake, tsunami and meltdown, 20 trillion to 40 trillion becquerels of radioactive tritium have leaked into the Pacific Ocean, plus a huge amount of cesium, as well as strontium—which replaces calcium in bones and stays in the bodies of humans and sea life. Over […]

10 Signs The Global Elite Are Losing Control

Karma is coming for the elite in a big way. As the Powers That Be head toward a devastating defeat in their war plans for Syria, signs are emerging that their rule over humanity is rapidly diminishing. Over the last decade the global elite have been on a mad dash to consolidate power over the […]

Secret Agenda in Syria? Larry Summers and Cronies Opening the World to Criminal Banksters | Alternet

Why Libya…and now Syria… “The “end-game” would require not just coercing support among WTO members but taking down those countries refusing to join. Some key countries remained holdouts from the WTO, including Iraq, Libya, Iran and Syria. In these Islamic countries, banks are largely state-owned; and “usury” – charging rent for the “use” of money […]

Look at what the latest Magnetics technology can do

How about the time/labor savings with self assembly of items by structuring components by magnetic fields? Plenty of inventions waiting to happen with the new era of magnetics. Correlated Magnetics.