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Traffic Stop while carrying concealed; What to do if you’re pulled over : Responsible Concealed Carry in the US

Tip #1: Hands 10 & 2, Dome light onWe are giving this the first spot because we feel it to be extremely important. The moment you are pulled over, the officer can and will notice any movement inside of your vehicle. It is better to remain still and calm with your hands on the steering […]

When Musicians become Aether Scientists – John Keely

He began before Tesla and by the time Tesla had emerged Keely had passed away but not after creating some truly astonishing aetheric machines which can not be matched even today. Keely called his science “Sympathetic Vibrations” “The science of the future will be based on Sympathetic Vibrations.” -Rudolph Steiner, 1913 John Keely was trained […]